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Test strips are used with the Keto-Mojo blood ketone meter to test your blood sugar levels. This accurately measures the amount of ketones in your blood providing a fast reading of your ketosis levels.

Test at the same time every day for consistency. Ideally test in the afternoons and evenings for best results. Testing at the same time each day will help ensure accuracy in your tracking.

Measure your Ketone levels with a blood Ketone meter and Ketone test strips. You will prick your finger and put a drop of your blood on a test strip, the meter will then read the blood sample.

You can use keto test strips measure the amount of ketones present in your blood.

Urine test strips test the ketones present in your urine, however the in your urine can be influenced by the dilution of your urine for example taking medication and vitamins such as vitamin C thus causing inaccurate results.

Breath testing measures acetone in your breath, not ketones.

Yes, when used in conjunction with your blood ketone test strips your glucose meter can provide you with a reading that will allow you to interpret and understand what your ketone levels are.

Ketone test strips are so accurate in measuring your blood ketones they can help ensure you are clear in understanding your body's ketone levels to manage your daily eating habits.

Ketone test strips work by measuring the level of ketones in your blood. You use a lancing device to prick your finger and place a drop of blood on your ketone test strip, place the strip in the Keto-Mojo blood ketone meter and the meter will read the blood sample.

For optimum weight loess the best ketone level is between 1.5 mmol and 3.0mmol/L

The most accurate way of knowing if you are in ketosis is monitoring your blood ketone levels. However, there are physical signs that can signify you are in ketosis, these are;

  • Weight Loss
  • Reduction in Appetite or Cravings
  • Increased Focus and Energy
  • Bad Breath
  • Toilet Issues
  • Short-term Fatigue
  • Short-Term Decreases in Performance
  • Insomnia

When you are following a ketogenic diet fat stores are broken down and concentrations of fatty acid increase in your bloodstream which is measured with the keto test strip to ensuring you are getting the most accurate results.