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How to Read Keto Mojo Strips for the Most Accurate Results

By Adam Lawrence April 18, 2018 0 comments

How to Use Ketone Strips for the Most Accurate Results

Members of the ketogenic community (affectionately dubbed “ketonians”) know how important it is to test ketone levels for maximum fat burning efficiency. For those new to to the concept, ketones are produced when the body has reached a state, called lipolysis, in which it is burning fat. This state is the goal of any good weight loss and health regimen, as this is when fat stored in the body can be used for energy, thus reducing fat stores, promoting homeostasis, and aiding in general well-being. From fitness gurus and celebrities, to folks looking to maximize their health management and weight loss efforts, tracking ketones has become a quickly growing movement across the globe.


Using Ketone Strips to test for Ketone Levels

Following the heart-healthy ketone diet is one important step in this process proven effective for weight loss; testing for optimal ketone levels is another. While there are many ways to test for the desired ketone balance, also known as ketosis or the “ketone-zone”, like breath or urine analysis, those methods are often inconsistent and less reliable than tests that utilize ketone strips. 

Ketones are best detected through the blood, and it only requires a drop to get an accurate reading through a testing meter using ketone test strips. Using a highly sensitive meter, such as the Keto-Mojo Ketosis Blood Test and Glucose Meter, set to the correct reader code for ketosis detection (832) and using quality ketone specific testing strips, ketonians can feel confident that the measure is accurate. 

Results on the keto-mojo test meter are displayed in millimoles of ketone per liter of blood, or “mmol/L.” The ketone-zone is between 0.0 and 0.6 mmol/L. Because ketone levels are affected by glucose levels in the blood, a reading above 0.6 mmol/L not only highlights that ketosis is not occurring, but could indicate a more serious medical condition the closer the reading is to the upper threshold of the measure (1.5 mmol/L). In the process of maintaining ketosis and monitoring one’s health, it is so important that the ketone testing strips and meter give a precise measurement, every time.


When You Should Test for Ketones

It is ideal to test for ketone levels in the evening, right before bedtime, as well as first thing in the morning. This will show you ketone levels when you have been producing a larger amount of glucose that is in storage (in the morning) and after you have used up glucose.

Ketone testing products from keto-mojo are ideal for helping those who are new to ketone testing, as well as those who have been following a ketone mindful lifestyle for some time. In addition to shipping throughout the United States, keto-mojo is honored to be able to reach ketonians across the world, shipping quality testing products internationally.


How to Get Your Ketone Strips and Test Meters

At a value of $1 per ketone strip, Best Ketone charges half the price of other companies for the same product, and offers a wide range of products to test blood levels, including starter kits, lancets, and even glucose testing strips for individuals who need to test for both. Be sure to check out the website to learn more about ketones, what it means to be in ketosis, and how meter testing can help you achieve your desired health goals.


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