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  • Why the Best Ketone Test Strips Are Preferred for Testing Ketone Levels

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    In the past few years, the keto diet has become a worldwide sensation. Many people are now eager to switch to this kind of diet in the hopes of reaping the benefits offered by this kind of dietary routine. Staying in ketosis is a vital step in order to achieve the ketogenic diet. Achieving ketosis enables you to burn off plenty amount of fat and achieve the health benefits that it has to offer.


    It can be difficult to know if you have achieved a level of ketosis – whether you are a newbie or had been on this diet for a long time. There are a few indicators of ketosis but it is important to know for sure that you have reached this level. The use of the best ketone test strip will enable you to determine with certainty your ketone levels. 

    How Ketone Level is Tested

    Before delving into the best ketone test strips on the market, you need to know how ketone levels are tested. This will give you a better understanding of how to use the product and how to achieve the desired results.

    There are three methods of testing your ketone levels: blood, urine, and breath. Each type of test will offer a different accuracy level. According to experts blood ketone tests offer the most accurate readings. Some users prefer urine strips because of their ease of use, however they aren’t anywhere near as accurate. When first starting keto urine strips will register ketones, but the level of ketones will drop as your body starts to use them. Also, if you happen to be dehydrated the urine strips will show ketones, even if there aren’t any.

    Blood and urine strips are also easy to use because you can carry them around with you on-the-go. You can even use them for testing multiple times a day.

    Of the three types of ketone tests, blood testing is the most accurate and recommended by all keto experts.

    Why Choose The Best Ketone Test Strips? 

    best ketone strips

    While there are many forms and methods of testing ketone level in the body, experts know that blood ketone test strips are the best. One thing that makes the best ketone test strips superior is that our company was establish for those on a keto diet. Everything we do is for those on keto. Also, our strips are low in cost and FDA approved so you know they are accurate and trustworthy.

    It only takes 10 seconds to get your result when testing and you can use our Bluetooth Chip to connect to the mobile app and download your results.

    There are three main reasons why Keto-Mojo ketone test strips are recommended when getting your readings:

    • Ketone test strips are convenient to use. The convenience offered by the best ketone test strip comes in the form and its use. They are small enough to be carried with you or used wherever you go.
    • Ketone test strips are affordable. In fact, it is the cheapest blood test strips on the market.
    • The Keto-Mojo blood ketone test strips offer the most accurate testing available that you can easily do anywhere. You get the best accuracy by using an FDA approved device with the best prices on the market.


    Deciding on the best method for testing your ketone level is not easy. With more options in the market, it can make it more difficult to choose the right one. But based on the benefits offered by the best ketone test strips in the market, you will find that this is one method that is cheaper and convenient. This makes it easier to perform multiple testing in a day.


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  • Is Ketosis Dangerous?

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    The ketogenic diet has its fair number of supporters and detractors. People who are avid supporters of the diet include scientists, doctors, nutritionists, fitness experts and people of all ages and levels of health who have found benefits in maintaining a ketogenic diet. With that said, there are equally qualified and educated individuals who don't recommend the ketogenic diet. This is often a matter of preference, as some feel the diet is difficult to maintain or has unpleasant side effects.

    Some "experts" cite lack of research and use isolated cases when discussing the dangers of the diet, or refer to extreme versions that leave out necessary nutrients. Other arguments against ketosis include unfounded fears that the individual will find themselves in ketoacidosis, however this is unrealistic and will simply not occur with the use of ketone test strips. Even without monitoring, a standard or even strict ketogenic diet will not cause this result.

    The ketogenic diet was developed by Russel Wilder in the early 1920's as a treatment for epileptic seizures. While the "keto diet" is often referred to as a fad diet with no scientific backing, this is far from the case. Ketosis has been studied at length under a variety of conditions and for a variety of reasons for decades. The diet involves limiting carbohydrates and increasing the amounts of fats and protein in the diet.

    Ketogenic Diet For Weight Loss

    While much of the research surrounding the ketogenic diet has been for the treatment and management of medical conditions such as epilepsy, diabetes, cancer and Alzheimer's disease, it has also been found to be an effective method for weight loss. While weight loss is inevitable and often rapid with the keto diet, there are often other benefits, such as increased energy, mental clarity and reduced inflammation.

    The standard Western diet is full of sugar and carbs. When you are dependent on carbohydrates for your energy and your diet is full of simple sugars, you are far more likely to overeat and experience sluggishness, cravings and even increased anxiety, irritability and brain fog. Reducing carbs and sugars and increasing fats keeps you full longer and eliminates sugar-crash cravings.

    The reality is that people on the keto diet love it because they don't have to starve themselves or eat unsatisfying foods in order to experience weight loss and other benefits.

    As far as long-term dangers, there is no reason to believe that ketosis is dangerous in the long-term. People have been observing this diet over the years, whether temporary or long-term, with no documented dangers provided the individual is monitoring their levels of ketosis and consuming needed vitamins and minerals, which is easily done on the ketogenic diet. Monitoring ketosis is also easily done through regular testing. Using ketone test strips is a simple way to monitor ketosis and keep you in the optimum range for your goals.

    Ketone Test Strips

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  • Everything You Need to Know About Keto Test Strips

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    Diabetes, obesity, and high blood pressure are some of the most common heath problems in the United States today. Almost everyone knows somebody who is struggling with weight. However, many are discovering one method for weight loss that's proven incredibly effective -the ketosis diet. Ketosis is a state of body metabolism where the body uses fat for energy, instead of glucose. Ketones produced in the liver aid in this process, so measuring the amount of ketones in your body indicates if you are in ketosis or not.

    Urine and Breath Testing

    There are several ways that people can detect whether or not they are in a state of ketosis. Ketosis derives from the production of ketones, a specific molecular structure that indicates a state of lipolysis, or fat burning. Some people can say that they smell a sweet or fruity smell on their breath, indicating that ketosis is present; however, this is subjective and can be unreliable. Urine and breath meters are a common method for ketone measurement, but both can cause mixed results. Certain medications, as well as dilution of urine or excess vitamin C, can cause inaccurate results with urine testing. Urine test strips also lose potency over time once they are opened. Breath testing measures acetone in the breath, rather than ketones. If you want the most accurate results, a blood ketones test and ketogenic strips are the way to go. How do these strips work?

    Keto Test Strips for the Purposes of Detection

    For those who are looking for a reliable indicator of whether or not they are in ketosis, they should consider giving these ketogenic strips a try. A ketone strip works by measuring the level of ketones in the blood. People need only to prick their finger, place a drop of blood on the strip, and allow the meter the read the blood sample. 

    Based on the ketone reading, people can tell whether or not they are in a state of ketosis. A 0.5 mmol to 1.5 mmol ketogenic strip reading is considered “mild ketosis.” Deep ketosis, which is best for weight loss, is between 1.5 mmol and 3.0mmol/L. A reading over 6.0 mmol/L indicates the beginning of a dangerous state known as ketoacidosis. While it’s almost impossible to get to reach this state on a standard ketogenic diet alone, type 1 diabetics can sometimes notice this when their insulin levels are extremely low. This would require medical attention and should be treated immediately.

    Keto Test Strips: Frequently Asked Questions

    One of the most commonly asked questions is whether ketosis is dangerous. Ketosis is not dangerous when it is done correctly and is a great way to lose weight. Many people confuse this term with ketoacidosis, which is a life-threatening emergency seen in people with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. Be sure to speak with your doctor to understand the difference. Regarding keto strips, many people ask when they should check for ketosis. After starting the keto diet, people should give their bodies time to adjust to the state. Once people start noticing the signs and symptoms of ketosis, give the test strip and try to check out the result.

    Without a doubt, ketosis is a great way to burn fat, lose weight, and help people reach a healthier state; however, one of the challenges of this diet is figuring out when the body is in a state of ketosis. While some people prefer to use their breath, it is always a good idea to confirm this with keto test strips. The strips are inexpensive, easy to use, and can help people confirm that their diet is on the right track. Why not give the diet and the strips a try?

    ketone test strips

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