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For many people who truly want to do everything they can to stabilize blood sugar and achieve a healthy weight, following a strict ketonic diet is one way to achieve results quickly. When followed closely, steady weight loss is the reward. Some people have trouble giving up their favorite carbs and readily embrace exogenous ketones as the magic pill that overcomes the occasional (or not so infrequent) slip up.

Proponents of EK supplements say the proof is in the keto test strips. If you follow ketone testing protocol, checking your levels 30 minutes to an hour after taking the capsules, you'll probably see evidence of ketones. But, do these supplements really work?

Understanding the Importance of Nutrition & the Role of Supplements

Anything you ingest will show up in a lab test. That doesn't mean that your body is gaining positive benefits. Nutritional ketosis, eating to force the body to convert stored fat to energy, keeps your body in a fat burning state 24/7. While supplement may temporarily boost blood ketone levels, they don't block carbs or boost weight loss without consistent, properly balanced nutritional intake.

When you eat carbohydrate dense foods every day, an EK supplement won't help you lose weight, or manage blood sugar. There is some evidence that adding exogenous ketones while strictly adhering to a well-balanced ketonic diet, will lead to faster weight loss. The key is making sure you are eating for success, and not relying on those magic pills to erase bad food choices.

Benefits of EK Supplements

While there is no magic pill, EK supplements have some positive benefits for people who commit to following their diet regime closely, and monitoring their ketone levels with ketosis blood test technology.

Maintain Energy While Dieting

For one thing, many people report a boost of energy while taking high-quality supplements. This may be highly beneficial during the transition period from eating whatever to eating to achieve nutritional ketosis. With any dietary change, many people notice their energy level plummets. Supplements, especially those formulated with salt binders – magnesium, sodium, calcium and potassium – balance electrolytes, increasing energy, mental clarity and a general sense of well-being.

Control Appetite

Another benefit is that EK formulas offer a way for people control appetite surges, which benefits people who choose to increase exercise and workout regimens as part of their new healthy living plan.

Restart the Metabolism

There is also some evidence that suggests adding exogenous ketones helps people get over those bothersome plateaus that we all face during a lengthy weight loss journey.

Bottom line, nutritional ketosis is the goal. Eating properly to fuel your body with excess fat is the goal. While EK may produce positive results on the keto test strip, that doesn't mean you're going to lose more weight, or lose it faster, by adding supplements. Set realistic goals, and by all means taking some EK if you want, but remember eating high-quality, nutrient-dense food is the path to success.

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    Thank you for all the helpful information – I am just starting this way of eating and this monitor will, hopefully be a useful tool to keep me motivated – look forward to getting my monitor seems to make it a little more serious! – after decades of utter misery re my weight and getting worse I cannot wait to start – so thank you again.

    Kind regards

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