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6 Surprising Health Benefits of a Ketogenic Diet

By Adam Lawrence March 19, 2018 0 comments

Many consumers are familiar with the weight loss benefits of a ketogenic diet, but you may be surprised to learn how the ketogenic diet has shown beneficial for diabetics, cancer patients, those prone to epilepsy, among others.


Health Benefits of a Ketogenic Diet

The ketogenic diet was first developed to treat epilepsy, which is fascinating when one considers how innovative thinkers, over time, have found a way to use a diet that was developed before the Great Depression to assist dieters, control glucose and help those afflicted with Alzheimer's. 

Current research suggests that the ketogenic diet provides important health benefits, such as:

  1. Weight loss potential - Adult obesity rates are highest in the United States, Mexico, New Zealand and Hungary. One just needs to efficiently manage their ketosis levels using ketone test strips regularly.
  2. Suppresses a key hunger hormone - The hormone Ghrelin prevents the body from feeling full.  The ketogenic diet reduces ghrelin levels, which is how the ketogenic diet mimics a starvation state, without typical hunger pains.  
  3. Controls glucose - A study involving overweight adults with type 2 diabetes revealed that the ketogenic diet is an effective weight loss technique and effective in controlling glucose levels. 
  4. Cancer Patients- The ketogenic diet has shown to aid cancer patients by depleting cancer cells of the glucose they need to flourish.
  5. Improves memory and reduces midlife mortality - In the journal Cell Metabolism, researchers fed mice a ketogenic diet every other week. The results suggested a prevention of memory decline and decreased obesity.  
  6. Reduces free radial production - Research suggests that maintaining a ketogenic diet reduces the brain's free radical levels. When free radicals exceed acceptable levels, they create 'oxidative stress.'  The resulting process has the potential to modify cell membranes, lipids and proteins, among others.  

The goal of the ketogenic diet is to reach a “ketosis” state.

Ketosis is a metabolic process that your body uses to maintain effective functioning. By reducing one's carb intake, your body needs to shift its energy source from carbs (provided by food intake), to burning fat for energy. Using ketone strips consistently easily monitors ketosis. The more carb restrictive a dieter can be (less than 15 g/day), the faster a dieter will enter a ketosis state. To determine if you have reached ketosis, simply test your levels using ketone test strips.

Once in a ketosis state, weight loss becomes rapid. Research has also shown that the ketogenic diet is most effective in reducing visceral (body) fat. The research community suggests that to maintain rapid weight loss, it is important to test your levels of ketosis by using ketone strips on a regular basis. has taken a unique approach to helping those wishing to take advantage of the benefits of the ketogenic diet. We offer the Keto-mojo and ketone test strips, designed specifically for the ketogenic community. We offer recurring-automated orders so you're never out of ketone strips and glucose strips. Check them out!

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