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  • What Are My Ketone Strips Telling Me?

    Posted on by Adam Lawrence

    Your ketone test strips never lie or deceive you with false results like those breath testing devices or urine tests. When testing your blood, you will know with absolute certainty if your body has entered a ketosis state for optimal weight loss.   


    Why Do a Ketosis Blood Test? Isn’t There an Easier Way?

    The ketosis blood test is by far the most accurate testing system on the market today and accuracy is crucial for the keto diet to work. To lose weight quickly and effectively, a person needs to determine if their body has indeed entered ketosis. With other methods of ketone testing, there's always a measure of doubt concerning the results.


    The Keto-Mojo Meter - Your Tool for Success

    With the keto-mojo meter, you have a convenient way to perform the ketosis blood test in the privacy of your home and as often as needed. Using the highly accurate ketone test strips, you’ll be able to determine precisely how well you are doing and if you need to make any changes in order to lose weight faster.   


    Am I Really in Ketosis or Not? I’m Confused!

    There’s no need to be confused. You can depend upon the accuracy of your ketone test strips. The ketosis blood test is the best way to determine if your body has achieved the ketosis state.

    When you lower your carb intake, your body produces less insulin, and that means less stored fat and supercharged weight loss. This is the desired ketosis state. The major question is, therefore, does your ketone test strips indicate your body is in ketosis? If you are not, you will need to make some adjustments to achieve your dietary goals. Using the keto-mojo meter for the ketosis blood test is the perfect tool to help you get your weight loss goal back on track.  


    Diligent Tracking Produces Great Results

    You need to track your ketone levels very carefully in the beginning to determine how your body reacts to a variety of situations, such as different types of foods. Each person’s body responds differently, so you need to discover the pattern yours will follow. However, even after you have established your body’s individual pattern, you need to continue testing with the keto-mojo meter to make sure you remain in the ketosis state.


    Discounted Price on Test Strips

    We offer a subscription service for our highly discounted ketone test strips and glucose strips, which we’ll automatically ship to you. With this service, you’ll only pay half of the regular price of test strips, which represents significant savings for your testing needs.


    We Offer a Warranty

    The keto-mojo comes with a one year warranty against any defects. If your keto-mojo stops working correctly, you don’t need to worry. We will ship you a new one.


    Contact Us

    Visit our website  for more information on the keto-mojo and how it can help you attain your weight loss goals. We make the ketosis blood test easy and convenient for our customers in order to offer encouragement for their weight loss journey. We are committed to helping you succeed and obtain the body shape of your dreams.

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  • How is a Ketosis Blood Test Better than a Breath Test?

    Posted on by Adam Lawrence

    When following a keto diet, you naturally want to know all the latest facts and knowledge to ensure your goal of successful weight loss. You don’t want to make critical mistakes at the beginning of your weight loss journey that could cost a lot of time and wasted effort. 

    What is the best way to determine whether or not your body is in a state of ketosis? Is the method that you presently use to measure your ketone levels giving you the most accurate test results?


    Ketosis Blood Test or Breath Test?


    You can perform both of these tests in the privacy and convenience of your home, but which method of testing provides the most accurate, foolproof results? If your body hasn’t entered the state of ketosis, you need to know so you can make the necessary adjustments to your diet.


    Is Ketone Testing with a Breath Meter Reliable?


    When you breathe out, your lungs naturally release acetones, which is a ketone. The level of acetones in your breath indicates whether or not your body is in a state of ketosis. You can measure the acetone level you exhale with different devices or breath meters designed specifically for this purpose. However, time and experience have proved that these breath meters aren’t as reliable or consistent as testing the blood.


    Forget the Urine Testing Too

    Performing a urine test is widely known as the most unreliable method.  The reason is that the consistency and dilution rate of urine continually changes with how much liquid you consume, and this dramatically affects the results of the testing. If you want the most accurate test results possible, the ketosis blood test is still acknowledged as the best by weight loss experts.


    For Ketone Testing Accuracy Use a Ketosis Blood Test 


    Your ultimate goal is to lose weight with the keto diet, so why waste valuable time and effort with inferior testing methods? You can track your process more accurately and see much faster results with blood testing than with any other method. When you begin to see faster results, you’ll experience more confidence and motivation and lose even more weight.


    Your Secret Weight Loss Tool - The Keto-Mojo


    Tracking your body’s ketosis fluctuations shouldn't pose a problem or cause undue stress in your life. The Keto-Mojo Meter provides an excellent and convenient tool to help optimize your weight loss. You can count on the accuracy of the Keto-Mojo Meter to reveal what’s going on with your body on the inside so you can make the right adjustments on the outside to jumpstart your weight loss and reach your goal.

    The Keto-Mojo Meter uses convenient ketone testing strips that we offer at a highly discounted price to make them more affordable for our customers. We want to assist you in every way to obtain the vital data that will help you meet your weight loss goals.


    Check Out Our Website!


    You can find more information on the Keto-Moto Meter and the other products we offer on our website. Find out just how affordably you can conduct the most accurate tests to determine if your body is in ketosis!

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  • Is Ketosis Dangerous?

    Posted on by Adam Lawrence

    The ketogenic diet has its fair number of supporters and detractors. People who are avid supporters of the diet include scientists, doctors, nutritionists, fitness experts and people of all ages and levels of health who have found benefits in maintaining a ketogenic diet. With that said, there are equally qualified and educated individuals who don't recommend the ketogenic diet. This is often a matter of preference, as some feel the diet is difficult to maintain or has unpleasant side effects.

    Some "experts" cite lack of research and use isolated cases when discussing the dangers of the diet, or refer to extreme versions that leave out necessary nutrients. Other arguments against ketosis include unfounded fears that the individual will find themselves in ketoacidosis, however this is unrealistic and will simply not occur with the use of ketone test strips. Even without monitoring, a standard or even strict ketogenic diet will not cause this result.

    The ketogenic diet was developed by Russel Wilder in the early 1920's as a treatment for epileptic seizures. While the "keto diet" is often referred to as a fad diet with no scientific backing, this is far from the case. Ketosis has been studied at length under a variety of conditions and for a variety of reasons for decades. The diet involves limiting carbohydrates and increasing the amounts of fats and protein in the diet.

    Ketogenic Diet For Weight Loss

    While much of the research surrounding the ketogenic diet has been for the treatment and management of medical conditions such as epilepsy, diabetes, cancer and Alzheimer's disease, it has also been found to be an effective method for weight loss. While weight loss is inevitable and often rapid with the keto diet, there are often other benefits, such as increased energy, mental clarity and reduced inflammation.

    The standard Western diet is full of sugar and carbs. When you are dependent on carbohydrates for your energy and your diet is full of simple sugars, you are far more likely to overeat and experience sluggishness, cravings and even increased anxiety, irritability and brain fog. Reducing carbs and sugars and increasing fats keeps you full longer and eliminates sugar-crash cravings.

    The reality is that people on the keto diet love it because they don't have to starve themselves or eat unsatisfying foods in order to experience weight loss and other benefits.

    As far as long-term dangers, there is no reason to believe that ketosis is dangerous in the long-term. People have been observing this diet over the years, whether temporary or long-term, with no documented dangers provided the individual is monitoring their levels of ketosis and consuming needed vitamins and minerals, which is easily done on the ketogenic diet. Monitoring ketosis is also easily done through regular testing. Using ketone test strips is a simple way to monitor ketosis and keep you in the optimum range for your goals.

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  • The Best Smartphone Apps for Your Ketosis Journey

    Posted on by Adam Lawrence

    Want to achieve ketosis? There’s an app for that! No, really. As you strive to reduce your carbs and stick to a ketogenic diet, one of your best tools might be in your pocket. No smartphone app can actually perform ketone testing, but some make it easier to get the ketones test results you want. As long as you have keto test strips to monitor your levels, your phone is a great place to turn for calorie-counting, recipe-finding, macro-tracking, and more.

    Whether you’re hoping to lose weight, treat diabetes, or just improve your overall health, ketosis may be part of the solution. Here are a few of our favorite smartphone apps for anyone on a ketogenic diet:


    One of the most comprehensive keto apps available, CRON-O-Meter is based on the book Fat for Fuel and offers a Ketogenic diet mode with multiple preferences. If you want to track your net carbs, macronutrients and micronutrients, it might be worth $2.99. You can also receive preloaded suggestions, rely on a precise database, and customize the experience according to how strict you want to be – and whether you want to track targets by grams or percentage. If your ketones test doesn’t give you the result you want, you may find it easier to achieve your goals with this comprehensive app.

    Ketogenic Diet Plan

    If you’re new to ketone testing or the ketogenic diet in general, this app was made for you. Free to download, the Ketogenic Diet Plan simplifies the keto diet with helpful tips and recommendations. For example, it guides you as you start the diet and helps you avoid common side effects and mistakes along the way. It also includes motivating galleries of other users’ photos and comprehensive meal recommendations, such as recipes and foods that are nutrient-rich. Perhaps most importantly, this app introduces the principles and reasoning behind ketosis and ketogenic dieting, making the basic concepts of low-carb eating easier to digest.

    My Fitness Pal

    Any list of dieting apps is incomplete without My Fitness Pal, the holy grail of calorie-counting and goal-setting. It’s important to get the right macronutrients in addition to reducing your carbohydrates, and this app makes it easier to make sure you’re doing that. You can even scan barcodes to log your meals and keep tabs on the nutrients you’re taking in, and the app lets you graph and share your progress along the way. However, only the paid version of the app will track net carbohydrates, so you may need to upgrade to track them yourself. And remember: anyone can submit food and calorie counts, so they may not always be accurate.


    Do you want to achieve your health goals on a ketogenic diet? These apps will come in handy, but it’s also crucial to keep track of your ketone and glucose levels as you follow your new diet plan. Our ketosis blood test, the keto-mojo, is a convenient and affordable way to perform your own ketones test at home. Contact us to learn more about our ketogenic strips and kits.

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  • 5 Unique Carb Substitutes for a Ketogenic Diet

    Posted on by Adam Lawrence

    The ketogenic diet is a very low-carb, high-fat diet to help you lose weight fast. To reduce your total carb intake, we chose five unique carb substitutes to share with you. Remember, the best way to track your progress is by using ketone strips and a ketones test

    What are Ketones?

    Ketones are made by your body when it burns fat for energy. When you decrease the amount of insulin produced in your body, glucose levels increase in the blood. The trick is that your body can't break down glucose for energy, so it goes after those unwanted fat stores.

    Five Substitutes for Carbs

    Make some changes in your food prep to ease the transition to a keto diet and remember to take a ketones test regularly to help keep you on track.

    1. Substitute cauliflower for regular rice.

    Rice is one of those foods that seems irreplaceable. If your meals seem incomplete without it, try to substitute cauliflower rice as your new favorite side dish. Need some motivation for this odd switch? A cup of rice has 45 grams of carbs, compared to cauliflower rice with 5 grams per cup. 

    2. Replace tortillas with lettuce wraps.

    Tortillas are delicious, no doubt about it. However, there are 98 grams of carbs in each crunchy serving. That is not going to get you a great ketones test score anytime soon. Use lettuce leaves to hold your yummy burrito ingredients. It's a fresh alternative for about 1 gram of carbs. You can use this to enjoy chicken salad and other delicious alternatives.

    3. Moo-ve over whole milk, almond milk has fewer carbs.

    If you grew up with whole cow's milk, it can be a real sacrifice to give it up. However, one serving has 11 grams of carbs. That may not seem like a lot, but it takes away from the carbs you can have in your meals. Try almond milk instead. With two grams of carbs per cup, it's a great way to save your carbs for your meal plan.

    4. You can substitute regular flour for almond flour in pizza crust.

    Pizza makes most people's mouth water and is a real American favorite. However, it's not part of any keto diet plan. That is, unless you substitute the traditional crust made of regular flour with almond flour. Try it before you knock it. It's delicious. A cup of wheat flour has 73g of carbs compared to 10g in a cup of almond flour.

    5. Use stevia instead of sugar.

    Sugar is something most people struggle with giving up on a keto diet. Stevia is very sweet and helps you ween yourself off your sugar addiction. It is a great sweetener that many people prefer due to the lack of carbs and calories.


    Eating fewer carbs helps your body process fat for energy and is part of an overall weight loss strategy. Take a ketones test as recommended on your keto plan to measure where you are in the process to a more beautiful, healthier you.

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